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I'm Miguel Ángel, a polyglot software engineer dedicated to crafting exceptional web experiences. Committed to delivering high-quality web development services, I bring your vision to life with expertise in responsive websites, dynamic web applications, and APIs. Together, we'll create a digital presence that aligns with your business goals and exceeds expectations.

Partner with me to digitalize your business, streamline your processes, and unlock new opportunities in the online world.

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Web3 Development

We build decentralized applications and websites that interact with the blockchain.

Web Development

We build websites that look great, load fast, modern, and responsive designs.

Deployment Development

We build deployment pipelines to automate the process yo turn source code into production.

API Development

We build APIs that allow your applications to communicate with other applications.

Responsive Development

We build websites that look great on all devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones.

Custom Development

We build custom easy to use software solutions to meet your business needs.

Recent works

Helps companies to transform and acquire a digital DNA. Digital business transformation fascinates us. From strategic approach, routine tasks, to activities and processes.
Impacting Digital

Helps companies to transform and acquire a digital DNA. Digital business transformation fascinate them. From strategic approach, routine tasks, to activities and processes.

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In constant movement in search of new opportunities, new projects for our represented and represented actors.
The House Talents

TheHouseTalents is a representation agency for actors and actresses. It is dedicated to individually accompanying its talents so that they develop their full potential and achieve their professional goals in film, theater and television. TheHouseTalents works as a team, unifying criteria and outlining artistic, communication, development and positioning strategies for the careers of those they represent. They focus on emerging and genuine talent, providing an open, inclusive and plural space.

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Find all kinds of artists, services and suppliers for events or celebrations.

Artistealo is an online platform that offers services and artists for events and celebrations. It allows you to search and directly contact professionals in different categories, such as children's entertainment, DJs, artists, service providers, among others. Users can request quotes and reserve the services of their choice without intermediaries or commissions. Artistealo aims to facilitate the event organization process and connect artists and professionals with potential clients.

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The first portal that transforms the most relevant moments of your favorite idols into NFTs. Starting with the world-renowned Andrés Iniesta.
Unic Legacy

UnicLegacy is an NFT platform that tokenizes the legacy of well-known celebrities from around the world, to share a legendary story with their fans and immortalize the most epic moments of their life.

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School specialized in cryptoeconomics and decentralized finance. They will teach you how to multiply your savings while keeping the risk always under control.
CryptoMaster Academy

CryptoMasters is a school specialized in cryptoeconomics and decentralized finance. They offer live and personalized training to teach how to invest in cryptocurrencies in an intelligent way. His goal is to help small investors to understand the crypto ecosystem, control risks and develop successful strategies. They are also dedicated to the creation of innovative projects within the crypto ecosystem and provide support in the development of personal projects.

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Avem is the investor’s connection with the Polkadot domain through a decentralized exchange, launchpad and DeFi products built on top of Shiden Network.
Avem Finance

AVEM es un protocolo DeFi basado en Astar, un ecosistema parachain web3 EVM compatible de Polkadot. El objetivo de AVEM es convertirse en uno de los principales protocolos en el espacio DeFi en lo que respeta a la liquidez y los servicios de préstamo de AMM, al tiempo que cumple plenamente con la normativa para las listas de tokens de seguridad.

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Themar is company that develop custom Blockchain and DLT project solutions.
Themar Solutions

Web development and consulting company that specializes in technologies such as Web3, Blockchain, DeFi, Metaverso, Web3 Gaming, NFTs, DAOs, Tooling, Design and Consulting. They offer a variety of services including web development, DeFi protocol development, smart contract optimization, NFT projects, high-yield quant strategies, and cybersecurity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more specific information about the library by digging into the documentation and reading our blog articles.

  • What services does Miguelo DEV offer?

    Miguelo DEV offers a range of web development services, including Web3 Development, Web Development, Deployment Development, API Development, Responsive Development, and Custom Development.

  • What is Web3 Development?

    Web3 Development refers to the creation of decentralized applications and websites that interact with the blockchain.

  • What does Web Development entail?

    Web Development involves building visually appealing, fast-loading, modern, and responsive websites.

  • What is Deployment Development?

    Deployment Development focuses on creating deployment pipelines to automate the process of turning source code into production.

  • What is API Development?

    API Development involves building application programming interfaces that enable communication between different software applications.

  • What is Responsive Development?

    Responsive Development entails building websites that provide a great user experience and adapt seamlessly to different devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • What is Custom Development?

    Custom Development involves creating tailor-made software solutions that are easy to use and designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • How can Miguelo DEV help empower my business digitalization?

    Can empower your business digitalization by creating web solutions that align with your goals, streamline processes, and unlock new opportunities in the online world.

  • How can I contact Miguelo DEV?

    You can contact Miguelo DEV by reaching out through the provided contact details on our website or the official email hola@miguelo.dev.

  • What sets Miguelo DEV apart from other web development companies?

    We stand out with its commitment to delivering high-quality web experiences, expertise in various development areas, and the ability to bring your vision to life.


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